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Basic Internet Knowledge

We can evaluate the development of Web and Web Applications in five stages. I will be reviewing these five stages below.

WWW (World Wide Web). When it comes to networking, you can bring our nervous system to mind. Similarly, people carry information/feeling/sense to the brain thanks to their neural networks, and they direct muscles and joints on the orders given from here. The network we are talking about here is named the internet.

That is, computer systems are interconnected. The web is an information system created by moving information consisting of interconnected hypertext documents published on this network.

An extensive information network is created by moving meta-data such as hypertext, such as links, paragraphs, titles, etc., between networks. The internet will…

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Yumod Series

Tips for updating medium story images when sharing on social media(facebook\twitter\linkedin)

Suppose you want to share medium blogs on different platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). The preview image on sharings is essential to influence the reader. So it would be best if you learned how sharing mechanism choose which image display on sharings.

If you want to share a blog on Linkedin, Twitter, or Facebook, click the sharing button or copy, paste the URL to a related sharing medium. The sharing title and images are fetched from the blog, but it is not your expected image. You think about how I can change this preview. …

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I received lots of emails from monthly and weekly subscription news about JS, React, Frontend Tech. In this story, I analyze 2 product and sharing information about these.


Bootstrap 5.0 published. Mark Otto, Jacob Thornton released the first version of Bootstrap in 2011 as OpenSource CSS Framework. In later its remembered the “Twitter Blueprint” design toolkit. Bootstrap continues to develop and improve itself.

In Bootstrap 5.0;

  • Anyway, Bootstrap is a CSS library. Bootstrap dependent on JQuery Library because it needs some interaction and animation requirements which could not implement the only CSS. JQuery provides a high-level abstraction over JS Language and old Browser APIs. In time JavaScript Language and Browsers API will become more standard, consistent, and robust. Also, the general admission, new web app era does not…

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About JS

Why did we change our variable usage in Javascript? Why did we start to use let and const for variables?

I want to write this story to continue of History Of JavaScript. I don’t want to tell all concepts in one blog, so I decided to divide JS terminology concepts into small chunks. And I have a strategy when I was writing. I focus on telling the history of terms and the reason for changing. I mention which request cause of change.

In JavaScript, there are three types of variable defining.

  • var: Function scope
  • let: Block scope
  • const: Block scope (one time assign allowed)

Why we use var?

Var is an abbreviation of a variable. If you want to hold text, number, dates, you…

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About JS

JS use in Browsers (Json, Ajax, JQuery vb), JS use in NodeJS (ES5, ES6, ES7, ES8, ES9)


In my opinion, JS history divides into two parts.

  • The first part of history, JavaScript, lives only in Browsers. There was a competition between Netscape and IE these days, and there was no standard. Every browser force to use its method. After a while, technology and application development shift to the internet. Internet high communication capabilities will change user needs. Desktop Apps wanted to be in Web, and companies started to develop different Browser Plugins for App Hosting like Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and JavaFX.
  • The second part begins with NodeJS. NodeJS allows JavaScript to live outside a browser rendering…

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